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IBS 2010: Schluter Introduces new Foam Core Tile Backer System

comments (3) January 20th, 2010 in Blogs
RYagid Rob Yagid , senior editor

Schluter, well known for its Kerdi waterproofing membrane  gave us a glimpse of its new Kerdi-Board system at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas today.

Available in thicknesses of 3/16-in. to 1-1/2-in., the extruded polystyrene (EPS) foam cored panels are skinned with a proprietary reinforcement web that yields an extremely strong substrate.  The panels are designed to build tiled partitions for showers and baths,  shower benches, and tub platforms. Other uses could include tiled kitchen countertops.

The panels are comprised of a reinforcement layer covered with the Kerdi membrane on both sides. This creates a moisture resistance that tile setters have come to trust. 

Schluter aims for the rigid foam panels to be used for more structural applications, and demonstrated the strength to support this claim by placing a 1-1/2 in. thick panel across two chairs and then standing in the center. When coupled with metal reinforcing edging, the panels can be stacked and assembled to create everything from benches to partitions without the need for traditional framing. 

For curved applications, Schluter has come up with the Kerdi-Board-V, which is kerfed to allow for its use on continuous radius curves.


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Comments (3)

RYagid RYagid writes: GoGreenGo, you're correct. Schluter is in the process of building a brand new plant here in the U.S. (Up near plattsburgh, NY, I think.) Supposedly it will have an even greater capacity than the Euro plants. Hopefully this improves distribution and costs.
Posted: 12:21 pm on February 2nd

gogreengo gogreengo writes: Yes canam we are that far behind in the US. I also looked at the kerdi board. It is similiar to Wedi but having the kerdi as a bonding surface is much different than a cementious face. I think it will be much easier to cut, lighter,and less money. Also, I was told schluter has built a plant in the U.S which makes it much easier to get product than Europe. I use the schluter systems in all my installs. I tried the WEdi board and found it to be a good board, just lacking any other products to support it and they raised the costs a few years ago without any warning. Seems to me they bought they way into the market, where schluter has worked its way by good product development. My 2 cents worth!
Posted: 10:18 am on January 28th

CanAmSteve CanAmSteve writes: This looks just like Wedi board - used in Europe for over a decade. Are we that far behind?
Posted: 4:15 am on January 26th

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