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Festool Domino to focus on decking

comments (0) March 16th, 2010 in Blogs
JFink Justin Fink, Senior Editor

Video Length: 3:18
Produced by: Embedded from YouTube, video by mdwmow2

Although it's currently available only in Europe, Festool is working on some adaptations before bringing their new Domino Decking System to the US market. This is a very deliberate crossover from the world of woodworking to the world of homebuilding. Sure, their drills and saws had some crossover appeal, but a specific hidden deck fastening system? That's a big (and exciting) step for us homebuilders who are also fans of Festool.

Unfortunately, we didn't hear about Festool's Domino Decking System until after our latest newsstand-only issue of Decks & Outdoor Projects had already gone to press. But Editorial Advisor Mike Guertin, author of "Putting the Fast in Fastener"--a new feature in that same issue, which highlights the latest additions to the world of hidden deck fastening--has samples on the way and plans to give the system a thorough test drive.

Festool doesn't have any videos available yet, but we uncovered this short tutorial on YouTube.

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