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Reader Quick Tips

Drilling out a 1-1/2 inch deadbolt hole to a new 2-1/8 inch hole

comments (12) August 1st, 2010 in Project Gallery
simven simven, member

I recently had to install a new 21/8 deadbolt in an old 11/2 inch hole.  I was going to cut a plug with my 11/2 inch saw but I realized it would be sloppy in the hole.  Instead, I just screwed my 11/2 inch saw onto the mandrel inside my 21/8 inch saw and used the smaller saw as a guide for the larger hole saw.  It worked perfectly!

posted in: Project Gallery, remodeling, doors, deadbolt

Comments (12)

OwenLowe OwenLowe writes: Its length may be somewhere a loose point
Posted: 2:35 am on July 1st

BobJ57 BobJ57 writes: Excellent, thanks for the tip.
Posted: 5:15 pm on April 18th

chastest chastest writes: I like this idea very much. I'm about to do the same thing for a client. After screwing around with a cut plug it dawned on me to turn a plug on my lath. I can get the plug as tight as I need and with some glue I'll be good to go.

However, I will try this first before I slip in the lath plug.

Posted: 5:56 pm on January 8th

lacesynthetic lacesynthetic writes:
Posted: 7:38 am on December 10th

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Posted: 12:02 pm on December 8th

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Canuckaluckchuck Canuckaluckchuck writes: Good one....Thanks
Posted: 2:35 am on August 15th

cowtown cowtown writes: I think you'll find that Starret makes what they call a "boo-boo" arbour to handle exactly this kind of situation.

Now, if only they'd made a device to make the hole smaller!!!

Posted: 12:38 am on October 9th

ramblingroad ramblingroad writes: This is a very helpful idea. Beats trying to hold the larger hole saw steady long enough to start the cut with no drill bit as reference. Thanks.
Posted: 12:55 pm on October 3rd

Ron_Trebbi Ron_Trebbi writes: I like this idea too ... wouldn't have thought of it ... I've only ever done it like Dan ... GREAT IDEA!!!!

Posted: 10:42 pm on August 25th

DanMorrison DanMorrison writes: Great tip simven. Much easier than cutting a plywood template and aligning it properly each time you want to make a new hole.

This could stay assembled and live in a remodeler's tool box because this sort of thing comes up over and over again.

Posted: 5:03 pm on August 12th

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