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Theres a Better Way

Duct-Tape Handle Turns Drywall Bucket Into a Convenient Stool

comments (4) June 25th, 2014 in Blogs
Kevini Kevin Ireton, editor-at-large

Video Length: 1:23
Produced by: John Ross and Kevin Ireton

If you're sitting down on the job, when it's time to move, you could pick your bucket (stool) by the handle and try to flip it back over, but there's a better way.

Don Mathis of Macomb, Ill., figured out an easy way to make a handle on the bottom of the bucket so you can move it more easily. He uses duct tape. Watch the video to see how he does it, but here's the breakdown:

  1. Tear off a strip of duct tape that will loosely reach several inches up both sides of the bucket when draped across the bottom
  2. Affix the strip to one side
  3. Get another strip as long as the bucket's bottom is wide, and place it un the underside of the strip you already attached
  4. Affix the first strip to the other side of the bucket with enough slack to fit your fingers between it and the bottom of the bucket
  5. Wrap some more strips of tape around the edges of your "handle" to cover any exposed sticky surfaces

That's it. Of course it's easier to demonstrate than it is to explain, so watch the video to get a better understanding of the process.


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And please offer your own suggestions in the comments below--there's a good reason why this video series is called "There's a Better Way".

Kevin Ireton is editor-at-large and a good friend and former colleague of Chuck Miller's. Keep your eye out for more of his Better Way videos in the near future.


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Comments (4)

BobboMax BobboMax writes: But wait! There's more! If you make two and stick your toes under the duct tape, you don't need drywall stilts...
Posted: 10:42 pm on July 1st

Kevin_I Kevin_I writes: Not to worry. Chuck is alive and well and living in northern California. He semiretired a few years back, but is still very much in charge of tips. He selects every one, plus draws and edits the column that's published in the magazine.

However, he's been tied up with projects on the west coast in recent months and unable to fly back and shoot videos. So he asked me to fill in. I'm happy to do it, even if it makes me feel like Roger Moore to his Sean Connery.
Posted: 5:44 pm on June 30th

Zargon Zargon writes: May be off topic here... but just wondering: "What's happening with Chuck Miller?
Is he retired? or god forbid... ????

Although Kevin is doing a Fine-homebuilding job... I miss Chuck. ;-(


Steiph Zargon in Atlanta
Posted: 6:36 am on June 30th

jeremiahschwenger jeremiahschwenger writes: Great tip. And your doing a great job but I have to ask, where is Chuck? Where did he go? Retire? Lol?
Posted: 5:02 am on June 30th

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