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Drills and Drivers

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Yes, You Need a Cordless Impact DriverOnline Membership Required

These compact, high-torque tools leave cordless drills in the dust for most any drilling or driving application

Back Out a Stripped Screw
Video: Back Out a Stripped ScrewOnline Membership Required

Valve-grinding compound can save the day after you obliterate a screw-head

Quick-change hole-saw kitOnline Membership Required

Power change bimetal hole-saw kit

What You Need to Know About Lithium-ion BatteriesOnline Membership Required

This new generation of batteries will make your current cordless tools seem overweight and underpowered

Stair-stringer stress relief
Tip: Stair-stringer stress relief

Long Electrical Runs in Closed Walls
Video: Long Electrical Runs in Closed WallsOnline Membership Required

Long drill bits can eliminate plaster tearout when rewiring old construction

Boring clean holes
Tip: Boring clean holes

Drilling Concrete? Get a Rotary Hammer

Here's a look at six tools that bore holes up to 1 in. but also chip concrete and even bore large holes in wood

Expanding circular holes easily
Tip: Expanding circular holes easily

Drilling Holes Through Studs in Tight Places
Video: Drilling Holes Through Studs in Tight PlacesOnline Membership Required

What to do when the drill and bit are longer than the space between the studs

18v Cordless Drills: Power to SpareOnline Membership Required

It's no surprise that each sinks hundreds of screws on a charge, but you might be surprised by which tool drove the most

Tool sling
Tip: Tool sling

Cordless Impact DriversOnline Membership Required

These lightweight powerhouses are better at driving screws than cordless driver/drills; here's why and which ones to buy

Viewing 16 - 30 of 81 results