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Safety Gear

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What's the Difference: Residential Fire Extinguishers What's the Difference: Residential Fire Extinguishers

Units for class A, B, C, and K fires

Roundup: Heated Jackets
Roundup: Heated Jackets

Project House editor Justin Fink tests three heated jackets.

Minimize Workbench Cord Tangles
Tip: Minimize Workbench Cord Tangles

Outfitting a Tool Belt
Outfitting a Tool Belt

Bandages for a day’s work
Bandages for a day’s work

Band-Aid Tough-Strips stand up to a full day of hands-on work

Build a Proper First-Aid Kit
Build a Proper First-Aid KitOnline Membership Required

When home-building accidents happen, off-the-shelf kits just don’t cut it. Here’s what you really need.

What's the Difference: Safety glasses
What's the Difference: Safety glassesOnline Membership Required

Should you wear glass, plastic, or polycarbonate lenses?

Tip: Dust control for your glasses

Insulation T-lift
Tip: Insulation T-lift

Fiber Cement ToolsOnline Membership Required

The popularity of this durable, low-maintenance siding has bred a variety of tools to simplify and speed installation

Studded traction for boots
Studded traction for bootsOnline Membership Required


What's the Difference: Safety footwearOnline Membership Required

Decifering the acronyms listed on the labels of shoes and boots

Using a sheet-metal brake

Slate-roofing contractor John Mahan demonstrates how he uses a portable brake to cut metal for drip-edge flashing  

Foolproof fire extinguisher
Foolproof fire extinguisher

Tundra fire extinguisher operates like a common aerosol can

Viewing 1 - 15 of 50 results