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Video Roundup: Testing 12-in Sliding Compound-Miter Saws

A carpenter reviews six of these big chopsaws and reveals the positive and negative attributes of each

A 12-in. sliding compound miter saw is among the most versatile—and perhaps most expensive—power tool you'll keep in your shop or haul to a jobsite. In this series of video tool reviews, carpenter Kit Camp tests the newest models from Dewalt, Bosch, Makita, Hitachi, Ridgid, and Craftsman, and gives it to you straight: Some features are well-worth the money, while a few fall short of their promise.

Click on the manufacturer name to watch a video review of each saw:

 Manufacturer  Model  Video Length
 DeWalt  DW718  1:31
 Bosch  5412L  1:44
 Makita  LS1214FL  1:54
 Hitachi  C12LSH  1:58
 Ridgid  MS1290LZA  1:16
 Craftsman  21206  1:46


Picking a "Best Overall" wasn't an easy task. To find out which of the saws came out on top, read Testing 12-in. Sliding Compound-Miter Saws from Fine Homebuilding issue #194 (April/May 2008), pp. 70-75.  
Photo by: Justin Fink
From Fine Homebuilding194
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