Miter-Saw-Stand Madness - Fine Homebuilding Video
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Miter-Saw-Stand Madness

Mike Guertin explains the classes of miter-saw stands and demonstrates their benefits

Length: 10:50
Produced By: Michael Dobsevage

In this video, contributing editor Mike Guertin explains the four different classes of miter-saw-stands and the benefits of each. He also highlights important parts of each stand, and which models—well—stand out.

Mike and Rick Arnold also rated miter-saw-stands in the article 6 Great Miter-Saw Stands  from the August/September 2007 issue of Fine Homebuilding. Their reviews of several stands from that article are only available online, in the magazine tie-in titled More Miter-Saw Stands Reviewed

Video by: Jean Paul Vellotti

September 1, 2007