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Senco's New Hoseless Trim Nailer is a Game Changer

comments (0) July 9th, 2010 in Blogs
JFink Justin Fink, Senior Editor

Video Length: 3:04
Produced by: John Ross

All this rapid-fire trim gun needs is a box of nails, and a charged battery

I finally got a hold of one of the new hoseless Senco nailers that I first told you about last November.

At first glance, the Senco Fusion F-15 looks like a regular hose-free nailer. It's got a battery, it's the same shape as a typical trim-nailer, and it drives the same 15-gauge nails. But it's a game-changer because it has no cartridge. the red cylinder on top holds compressed nitrogen. The nitrogen gas pushes a piston that drives the nails, and then an electric motor resets the piston. Using this technology means you don't have to wait for a mechanical flywheel to speed up, like in the deWalt nailers; and there are no expensive, messy fuel cartridges to buy, like in the Paslode guns.

You can switch the nailer from single-fire to bump-fire mode - in bump-fire mode the piston can drive a nail about once every second. That's much faster than the DeWalt, I don't have any of the nasty fumes of the Paslode, and it's got some other great features as well: it's got an adjustable belt hook, a battery gauge, a depth indicator, and a removable track that pops off easily to clear jambs.

The FN65DA takes 1-1/4-inch to 2-inch 15-gauge nails, and there will be an 18-gauge model coming out soon.

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