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Square One: Good Home Design Starts Here

Square One: Good Home Design Starts Here

VIDEO: 2012 HOUSES Awards - Best Energy-Smart Home

comments (4) April 25th, 2012

Video Length: 5:04
Produced by: Colin Russell and Rob Yagid

Best Energy-Smart Home Award: Chris Larson

With passive-solar strategies at its core, the home that Chris designed is just as much about the homeowners' lifestyle as it is about energy use. A sensible combination of a tight building envelope and practical mechanical systems conserves energy, requiring only a moderately sized renewable power plant-for hot water and electricity-to balance energy use and production.


Read the articles and watch the videos about all of the award winning homes in the Fine Homebuilding 2012 HOUSES issue.

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Comments (4)

greenxxx greenxxx writes: This project has excessive volume & glass to work !!!
Then comes the electrical solar array & geothermal architectural crutches to make this thing go . Not only top 1% in cost but has an large mfg carbon footprint .
Well hell I could drive my doghouse , pup tent , shack ............ you get the idea off this system .
This is greenwashing at its worst & then you go pay the green scribe for a certification .
This is a modern art project , nothing more, for the top 1 % .
Listen up kids this is wasted site & resources, passive solar (cooling , heating , natural daylighting )costs no more than the status quo ($100/sf +/-)in this area and has no electro-mechanical devices to fail .
How do I know this ? I've been doing passive solar for 40 years about 50 miles from this project .
Posted: 10:08 am on May 18th

Benjamin1988 Benjamin1988 writes: Sounds like a good system

Posted: 4:35 pm on May 8th

mr_seguin mr_seguin writes: I have been reading a bit about passive solar energy and it seems to revolve around a fair bit amount of windows to let the sun in and warm the floor to radiate in the house BUT, how can this strategy be good in -40 degree celsius temperature. Wouldn't you bee loosing a lot of heat through those huge windows?
Posted: 7:36 pm on April 28th

DRafalski DRafalski writes: I was curious of the paint color used in the arch opening area, as I am looking to paint a new addition with similar wood trim colorings. I thought that your choice looked great!
Posted: 2:21 pm on April 27th

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