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Circular Saws

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What's the Difference: Circular sawblades with different tooth counts What's the Difference: Circular sawblades with different tooth counts

Choosing a blade with the correct number of teeth for a particular job ensures the best performance from a circular saw, a miter saw, or a tablesaw

Fiber Cement ToolsOnline Membership Required

The popularity of this durable, low-maintenance siding has bred a variety of tools to simplify and speed installation

Testing Worm-Drive SawsOnline Membership Required

Still powerful and durable, the newest models have lost weight and gained some useful features

Circular-saw repair

Learn how to replace a circular-saw cord and trigger switch

The Original 3rd Hand
Video: The Original 3rd Hand

New and noteworthy staff picks from the 2007 International Builders' Show

Removing a sawblade knockout
Tip: Removing a sawblade knockout

Cutting plywood to size
Cutting plywood to size

Whether your sheet goods become sheathing or cabinetry, you need to know how to cut them properly

Circular-saw arbor lock
Circular-saw arbor lock

Q & A: Cleaning sawblades

Q & A: Sharpening circular blades

Tip: Durable sawblade bushings

Tip: A carbide tip

Tip: Built-up roof blade

Tip: Cleaning sawblades

Viewing 1 - 14 of 14 results