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A Custom Hinge Mortising Template A Custom Hinge Mortising Template

This time-saver helps to turn slabs into ready-to-hang doors

Hinge adjustment for a door's final fit
Hinge adjustment for a door's final fit

Easy adjustments to screws, mortises and hinges on interior doors contribute to a perfect fit

Installing a lockset
Installing a lockset

The keys to a successful installation are careful layout and sharp tools

Trouble-free Pocket DoorsOnline Membership Required

With a hardware kit and careful framing, you can install these space-saving doors

Routing hinge mortises
Tip: Routing hinge mortises

Disappearing DoorsOnline Membership Required

Just like the doors on your entertainment center, but for your closet

Lockset drill guide
Tip: Lockset drill guide

Installing Mortise LocksetsOnline Membership Required

Whether you drill and chisel or rout with an expensive lock mortiser, cutting a big hole for the case is only part of the job

Installing LocksetsOnline Membership Required

You can do the job freehand with a chisel and a drill, but jigs and routers are faster

Chiseling hinge mortises
Tip: Chiseling hinge mortises

Tip: Drilling foam-core doors

Locating latches
Tip: Locating latches

Help for hinges
Tip: Help for hinges

Hinge-mortising jig
Tip: Hinge-mortising jig

Frictionless hinge
Tip: Frictionless hinge

Viewing 1 - 15 of 15 results