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Caution: Hard Hat Area

Caution: Hard Hat Area

Revealed: Who's Behind Those Superhuman Job-Site Videos

comments (0) February 11th, 2010 in Blogs
ManKnit Matt Berger, executive producer

Video Length: 0:41
Produced by: via YouTube

We were wowed a few months ago when we first published a pair of YouTube videos that showed some amazing tricks on the job site. First there was the guy who weilded his tape measure like a frog catching flies to grab keys, turn off lights, and change the station on his radio. Then, we saw another video showing a guy crosscutting a 2x4 by throwing a circular saw blade like a throwing star.

So when I came across three more videos on YouTube yesterday demonstrating more superhuman job site antics (the above video of a bulls-eye shot and making the Mona Lisa with a pneumatic nailer), I knew something had to be up. I put my reporter hat on to get to the bottom of these string of videos and it didn't take much digging around to discover that the joke is on us. Those aren't real builders, they just play them on YouTube.

The Joke's On Us
It turns out these seemingly real job-site videos are the work of Integrity Windows and Doors, a division of Marvin Windows (full disclosure: Marvin and Integrity are advertisers). The company created the videos as part of a viral marketing campaign, according to John Kirchner, public relations manager for Integrity.

"It's been far more successful than anyone would image," Kirchner said. As of this blog post, the videos have been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube, and they've been covered by national press from ESPN to yours truly.

Fun and Games
In addition to the videos, Integrity has created a blog and a series of online games that correspond with the videos. For example, one game lets you grab items from the job site with a tape measure. Another lets you nail falling money to a wall with a pneumatic nailer.

"All of the games are targeted to new features and benefits of new products from Integrity," Kirchner said. 

Now that we know this is a publicity stunt, I think we've got our answer as to whether these videos are real. Still, I had to ask.

"I don't know how best to answer that," Kirchner said. "I think we want to leave that up to the viewer to decide."

So what say you viewers?

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