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Theres a Better Way

Pipe Clamp Hold-Down for the Job Site

comments (0) October 8th, 2009 in Blogs
grateful.ed Chuck Miller, editor at large

For use with multi-clip THERE's A BETTER WAY BLOG posts only

Video Length: 0:51
Produced by: John Ross; edited by Michael Dobsevage

This tip was sent to us by Joseph Kaye, of Uniondale, N.Y.:

Whenever I need a hold-down clamp on my bench, I reach for one of my pipe clamps. As shown in the (video), I insert a short length of pipe through a hole in the bench top. It is threaded into a pipe flange secured upside-down to the underside of the bench, giving me the versatility of a hold-down without having to buy one.

To see a drawing of how this works, study the illustration for Joseph's tip in the Fine Homebuilding archive, availble to online members.

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