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5 Tips for a Better Exterior Paint Job

comments (0) August 1st, 2012

In this collection of painting videos from our archives, you will learn:

1. How to Back Brush While Spray Painting Siding
Spraying and rolling are efficient ways to get paint onto an exterior surface, but they aren't the best way to work the paint into porous siding and they can leave excessive amounts of paints in corners and other recesses. To ensure penetration and achieve an even film thickness you have to back-brush.

2. How to Quickly and Easily Mask for a Clean Job Site
Whether you're brushing or spraying, exterior painting is a messy process. The best defense against collateral damage is to mask with a combination of painter's tape, paper and plastic.

3. How to Paint Fiber-Cement Siding
One of the products we're seeing more and more of is fiber-cement siding. It's got a number of advantages: it's rot proof, it's insect resistent, and it's relatively inexpensive. We had pro painter Jim Lacey show us the right way to prep and paint it.

4. How to Prime Cedar Siding to Control Bleeding and Staining
Cedar shingles are a good, long-lasting, traditional siding but the tannins in the siding can lead to staining down the road. A quick-drying oil primer and a good paintbrush are all you need to cover ugly blemishes on cedar shingles.

5. How To Fill Nail Holes and Paint PVC Trim
Many people leave cellular-PVC trim in its natural finish, but you can paint it. Pro painter Jim Lacey shows you how to fill nail holes in PVC with epoxy putty, and how to get a smooth, durable finish.



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