Video Series: Tiling Bathroom Walls - Fine Homebuilding Video
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Video Series: Tiling Bathroom Walls

Learn reliable techniques for tile layout, installation, and grouting over vertical surfaces

Length: 1:18
Produced By: Colin Russell and Justin Fink


Senior editor Justin Fink: Hi, welcome to the Project House. I’m here with master craftsman Tom Meehan, and today we’ll be working on installing tile on the bathroom walls. As you can see, Tom has already had a good head start on the shower, and we’re going to work on carrying that layout across the rest of the bathroom. But there are a few things he has to work around.

The center wall of the bathroom is the first thing you see upon entering the room, so Tom will teach us how to use a story stick for both the horizontal tiles along the base and the diagonal pattern along the top to be sure the layout falls evenly between the outside corners and to leave an opening for a built-in mirror. He’ll also show us how to properly integrate a band of glass mosaic tile into the ceramic installation—a process that has its own special considerations—and how to dress up the outside corner for a clean transition. On the adjacent wall he’ll show us two options for tiling an inside corner. In the shower, Tom will show us how to integrate a shampoo niche, a feature that’s far simpler to build than you might expect, and how to properly detail tile where it meets a window. Finally we’ll come up with some pro tips on the dos and don’ts of grouting, and this tile job will be all done.