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Theres a Better Way

Build a Simple Jig to Drill Cabinet-Handle Holes Perfectly

comments (5) December 20th, 2013 in Blogs
grateful.ed Chuck Miller, editor at large

Video Length: 1:45
Produced by: John Ross and Chuck Miller

If you have a kitchen full of cabinets that need door and drawer pulls, you could measure them all individually and hope you get it right, but there's a better way.

Mark from Santa Cruz, Calif., has devised a simple jig that allows him to be completely accurate and do the job very quickly. The jig is simply a piece of 1/4-in. plywood with a slot at the top that allows him to locate the center of the drawer, and it's laid out so that different drawer depths will be done with the same jig. We locate the center point of our drawer front, lay the slot in the jig right on the mark, and just hold it in place as we drill the holes for the drawer handle. The beauty of this jig is that it can be turned sideways and used for the cabinet doors as well. The jig is made in such a way that the side of the jig can be aligned with the top of the cabinet door to locate holes for door pulls or handles.

Mark, that's a great tip. Thank you so much for sending it in.


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posted in: Blogs, cabinets, drills and drivers

Comments (5)

somefun somefun writes: Thanks for the link!
Posted: 12:22 pm on December 31st

BobboMax BobboMax writes: There are comparable templates available commercially- plastic, of course, but with lots of options as to pattern spacing and location. Cheap enough it's not worth making them, in general.
Posted: 3:08 pm on December 30th

somefun somefun writes: A template or measurements (vertical mounting specs) would be awesome!
Posted: 11:30 am on December 28th

richardi richardi writes: How about a tip on making the jig?
Posted: 5:22 pm on December 23rd

sammbard sammbard writes: Love it! I did something very similar in the last kitchen I did. The only thing that makes it better is to tape over all unused holes with blue tape and only do one size drawer face at a time. That will minimize the chance of drilling through the wrong holes. Great tip
Posted: 7:05 am on December 21st

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